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A Handbook of Middle English Studies – Wiley Online Library – where the gendered bias of dominant narratives is foregrounded.1 The poem, in.. being able to cite certain discourses, acts, and stances (in sum, certain norms ).. affirming the value of the human voice, which professes to be overwhelmed by it.. Now, however, my groaning is witness that I am displeased with myself.

Ulukau: The Hawaiian kingdom, vol. 2, 1854-1874, twenty. – PREFACE. This book is the second of three volumes designed to provide a general history of the modern Hawaiian Kingdom. The first volume was published some years ago under the title, The Hawaiian Kingdom, 1778-1854: Foundation and Transformation. The third volume, which explores the years 1874-1893, deals with the reigns of Kalakaua and Liliuokalani, the expansive reciprocity era and the.

On Liberty – Internet History Sourcebooks – Fordham University – But, as yet, there is a considerable amount of feeling ready to be called forth.. A rule thus self-convicted of absurdity so far as regards its professed purpose, can.. the power which society then possessed of disciplining and controlling them.. feelings and in our conduct towards him, whether he displeases us in things.

Macaulay notes: "The seduction of one who was a professed member of a religious order was usually accounted to be incest: cp. Mirour, lines 9085 ff. and line 175 below" (3:536). 163 what thing comth next to honde. See Olsson, “Love, Intimacy, and Gower,” pp..

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History: UKRAINE Is Kanye West “the Ezra Pound of Rap”? – The formalists’ argument, shaped by the theories of then-dominant New Critics. describes as a call for “racial justice and equity”). Yet his professed politics aren’t the sum of who he is. To the.

How to Deal with the Past? The Sins of a Nation, the Ritual of Apology, the Work of Repentance – When I started doing research on apologies, I had in my mind an image of religious repentance in which an individual, most likely in a darkened confessional, professed her or his. by the community.

eighthes ownership: frightful Betty Theodore Dwight Weld, 1803-1895. American Slavery As It Is. – Lord have mercy!" The scenes exhibited at the whipping post are awfully terrific and frightful to one whose heart has not turned to stone; I never could look on but a moment. While under the lash, the bleeding victim writhes in agony, convulsed with torture.

with its interpretive frameworks (seeing the world as a limited-sum game, etc.) produces a conception of competition that shapes and sustains economic practice and labor relations. Hegemonic.

I’d bet a fair sum of money that the man who proposes to revamp the rules. As if the fact that some women (mainly female political allies of Mrs. Clinton) find a line of criticism displeasing means.

Prestige-biased social learning: current evidence and outstanding questions – This cue is especially used and useful for young children as it is less cognitively demanding than other cues such as professed knowledge (Wood et al., 2012). Nevertheless, the usefulness of using age.

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