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The Thom Hartmann Program – Aug 30th 2018 – The former only focuses myopically on their little egocentric patch of existence and wellbeing, to hell with everyone else; the latter, which, fortunately, is the majority of the human population, feels more empathy for others and can lift their inner spirits out of abject selfishness to care for those less fortunate.

44 books everyone should read in their lifetime – – "1984" by George Orwell.. Billionaire Bill Gates called it "funny and smart as hell," and many people say that her depiction of depression is the most accurate one they’ve ever read.

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cooperation not competition | caucus99percent – Hell’s bells; our area schools got busted two decades ago for spyin’ on whole families of the students to whom they’d lent’ laptops to (post Columbine, of course). Can’t be too careful, I always say. Please feel free to weigh in with other exampled of cooperation v. competition; my brain hurts.

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The setting is almost dystopian in appearance, and, appropriate for a film made in 1984, it brings to mind George Orwell’s infamous vision of the country. And in the midst of this oppressively.

Utopian Pharmacology. MDMA / Ecstasy and beyond – MDA's own empathy-enhancing effect at low doses was explored by Chilean.. Russian-Israeli syndicates and Eastern European chemists are now increasingly active.. Before the Orwellian-sounding Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA].. will open the gates of heaven or stoke up the fires of hell" (Dr David Nichols).

What Would Molly Think?, by Molly Ivins | Creators Syndicate –  · january 31, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of molly ivins’ death. the following column was written by molly ivins’ former assistant and "chief of stuff" from 2001 to 2007, betsy moon.

Where to Eat and Drink in New York During the Fourth of July Weekend – Watch Top Gun and eat cider-glazed ribs at Syndicated on the fourth. photo: michael tulipan plenty of people flee New York on Fourth of July weekend, which means it’s one of the best times of the year.

Anarchy in Action – – rience has enhanced my agreement with George Orwell's conclusion that Peter Kropotkin.. by a common need:14) and the syndicate or worker's council as the indus trial or occupational.. ments of Peru, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Greece and Nigeria had adopted the barriada.. That's a hell of a long time spent time'! There.